Broadway World features Kristi’s short film “Wildflower”

Roosmaa is thrilled at the opportunity to share this story at the NYWIFT event and beyond, adding “I wanted to tell this story to remind everyone that it doesn’t matter where you are from, what you do or who you are. We’re all human beings, going through life with its up’s and down’s and there are things that are common to all of us. It’s a film about love and loss, showcasing what culturally unite us all.” Click here to read more!

Very Cool Tunes Feature

“WOW, you have to check out this single by Kristi Roosmaa, her voice will melt you in two and the production is totally amazing especially since Billboard Hot 100 composer Mark Barkan, Bruce Foster and Mike Flannery played a part in the production.  Bravo!!!”
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Awesome blog post of my latest single “Here We Go Again”

IMG_2211 copy“Kristi Roosmaa’s “Here We Go Again” is a pop song of delicate beauty. Akin to Stereolab’s work revitalizing decadent 60s French pop Kristi Roosmaa makes a song that lingers long after it has ended. The song is economical using everything in moderation from the synthesizer to western twang of the guitar. Neatly spreading out the song slowly unfurls revealing great secrets. Indeed much of the song possesses a mysterious quality thanks to Kristi Roosmaa’s delivery.”

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Estonian World Publication Feature

“Those of you who may not know her, she is a beautiful, petite blonde, with a charming smile and the charisma and energy of an eager adolescent but the wit and savvy nature of a lady who has been driven to be a successful performer. Still, I hadn’t heard a note from her charming, witty self. We then went to midtown Manhattan to a rehearsal space to go over some music. When she opened her mouth to begin, I had no idea that much volume and intensity, and in the best possible way, could come out of this delicate creature. Wow. Serious control of her vocal abilities. Obviously well trained and seriously talented. OK, it was clear that we would do something.”
Tim Ries, Rolling Stones saxophonist

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